Sandie M. | Porter Ranch, CA

We were so lucky Scott was available to be the DJ at our event!  I have used quite a few DJ's in the past, some better than others, but none as good as Scott!  

He arrived early and was very flexible with the situation.  Our event was a car show in a public parking lot that had no power!  He was not troubled by that and figured out the best placement for his equipment, running an extension cord into an office.  

During the show people and cars were coming and going, we held a couple of raffles, and a local councilman stopping by to give out awards.  Scott took it all in stride, as I feel he would do with any event.

He played a perfect assortment of music (and had no attitude at all when requests were made).  He handled emcee duties for us and was very comfortable in that capacity, as well.  

I would highly recommend Scott for any type of event, he's a pro, easy to work with, and to top it all off, he's a really nice guy!