Eric R. | Santa Barbara, CA

Scott Topper is on fire! I have worked with Scott on more than a few occasions and this allowed me to see the professional side of his business and this guy and his employees are on it. They are punctual, detailed, and show up to do the very best job possible and the client's desires are never short changed. He has return clients more than anyone I know and there is a reason for that!

If I knew nothing else, this would be enough to recommend him without any reservation. However, I have also been on the other side of this as a guest at multiple events he was covering and as I said, he is on fire! He is funny, is able to grab appropriate little bits of music out during awards, announcements, etc. He can also engage the crowd with seemingly little effort and when it comes time to let the music roll, he is all over it. Having seen him work a few different times, I know he has tens of thousands of tunes and can bring the 80s--and I mean ALL OF IT-- if that what want or a broad mix of that is what you want. Complete versatility.

Scott is easy to work with and I would not only recommend him, but will hire him to cover my wedding when that day comes!